We have been learning that light is a form of energy that can be manipulated.

  • Light is a form of energy, it comes from a variety of sources, including the Sun.
  • Light energy travels out in all directions from its source at approximately 300 000 km/s
  • Light travels in straight lines and can be reflected and refracted. Prisms, mirrors, water, and glass change the direction in which light travels.
  • Lenses or mirrors can be used to concentrate or spread out light.
  • Light can be split up into a spectrum of different colours.
  • Light can travel through space, air, many liquids, and some solids.
  • Darkness results when light is absent. Shadows result when light is unable to pass through a substance.
  • An object that emits or reflects light can be seen.
  • The image in a flat mirror is laterally inverted (Left and right sides appear in reverse).

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